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Three-Phase Industrial Vacuums

What are three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners? They are vacuum cleaners equipped with powerful and robust side channel turbine motors , from 3 HP up to 25 HP of power, able to work in a heavy and continuous way, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, without the need for maintenance. The three-phase vacuum cleaners of this range feature high maneuverability and a robust construction. They are the right compromise of power, size and filtration for unmatched suction. Depending on the needs, they can be used in centralized suction systems, DU-PUY can in fact create customizations to make your machine unique and perfectly integrated into your work environment.

M 50 - Three-phase industrial vacuum cleaner for heavy applications


The "M" Series industrial vacuum cleaner is available in four models which differ in their power, from 5 HP up to 10 HP . This industrial vacuum cleaner is suitable for any production application: workshop, laboratory, metalworking industry, cement factory, carpentry or artisan shop. Do you need to change accessories during suction? No problem, the "M" series has an integrated accessory holder.
Equipped with an easily detachable container with a capacity of 100 liters, built with extremely robust steel and plastics, this wheeled vacuum cleaner withstands time and heavier applications.

The "M" series in 4 points

  • Motor suitable for continuous service 24/24, without the need for maintenance.

  • Possibility of simultaneous suction of dusts, liquids and solids.

  • High filter surface with integrated filter cleaning system and filter efficiency indicator.

  • Easy release container with large capacity (26 Gal), with the possibility of bagging.

M 70 - Three-phase industrial vacuum cleaner for heavy applications


High suction performance and high filtering surface, the M70 vacuum cleaner model  is the perfect suction solution for the needs of the cleaning and food sector with a 26-gal container and accessory holder. Among the most compact in its category, it is suitable for collecting dust, solids, scraps or liquids, even simultaneously and for continuous use .

Suction unit

The industrial vacuum cleaner is equipped with a suction unit in cast aluminum of the side channel blower type, in which the impeller is fixed directly on the motor shaft, and without transmission systems. This almost completely reduces component wear and consequent maintenance requirements. These characteristics, together with the silence, make the engine particularly suitable for continuous service (even 24 hours a day), and allow it to develop a very high depression, higher than in transmission systems of similar power.

The control panel of the industrial vacuum cleaner consists of a start-stop push-button panel, containing a magnetothermic switch. A vacuum gauge allows you to constantly check the level of depression and the saturation status of the filter, and to stop suction in the event of any anomalies. A double silencer reduces noise and reduces the impact of the outgoing air.

Filtering unit

Cat. “L” polyester filter with filtration efficiency up to 3 micron.

It is not necessary to remove the motor head and the filter from the aspirator to empty the collection container, mounted with an intelligent lever system that allows quick release.

The manual cleaning system with vertical filter shaker lever, allows the operator to clean the filter effortlessly and at any time. Doing so extends the life of the filter itself, preventing its saturation and keeping the suction performance of the chip vacuum constant. The front suction system with a cast aluminum mouth positioned below the filter allows you to simultaneously suck up dust, solids and liquids (within the capacity of the container) without having to replace or remove the filter.

Collection unit

A quick-release container, in resistant steel mounted on wheels (capacity 100 liters), allows to dispose of the chips, scraps and aspirated dust quickly and without getting dirty, with the possibility of bagging.

MHD 100 -  Three-phase industrial vacuum cleaner for heavy applications


The industrial vacuum cleaners of the MHD range, with powers available from 10HP to 25HP, are resistant and powerful, designed for particularly heavy-duty applications, where great suction power combined with great robustness and versatility of use are required. Suitable for use in various industrial sectors where there is the need to vacuum large quantities of solid and mixed liquid material in continuous applications, they can be combined with our line of cyclonic separators that allow you to treat large volumes of material.

These machines can also be used as stationary units for centralized extraction systems.

The MHD series in five points:

  • Motor suitable for continuous service 24/24, without the need for maintenance.

  • Possibility of simultaneous suction of dusts, liquids and solids.

  • High filter surface with integrated filter cleaning system and filter efficiency indicator.

  • Easy release container with large capacity (42 Gallon), with the possibility of bagging.

  • Use as a fixed suction pump in centralized systems

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