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OIL & CHIPS Industrial Vacuums

A range of industrial vacuum cleaners for the metalworking sector

The suction of oil, lubricants and shavings requires special wheeled vacuums. Suction, filtration, separation and discharge must perfectly meet the needs of the mechanical sector. DU-PUY wheeled vacuums offer low purchase costs and minimal maintenance, the perfect combo for sucking up cutting oil and emulsion together with shavings. In our suction buckets there are grilled metal baskets that allow you to instantly separate the emulsion from the metal shavings and recycle the sucked oil to lower the costs of your production plant.
Cleaning the tanks of CNC machines has never been so quick and easy, discover the various models of suction buckets suitable for machining centers of all sizes.

CHIPVAC 200 - Industrial vacuum cleaner for metal shavings


powerful tipping suction bucket in line with the historic manufacturing tradition of

DU-PUY, completely revisited in function and design by our designers.
This chip vacuum is equipped with 3 independent turbines.
Suitable for vacuuming large quantities of shavings (dry and wet) which are collected inside the large containment tank.
This bucket can be easily emptied through a patented and certified “soft” tipping system that allows you to perform the operation quickly and safely.

CHIPVAC 200 chip vacuum in 5 points:

  • 3 powerful by-pass motors

  • Star filter in polyester

  • Visual level indicator

  • Ergonomic filter shaker lever for filter cleaning

  • Accessory holder

CHIPVAC 400 - Basket vacuum cleaner for oil and chips


Top of the Oil & Chips range! One single unit includes decades of DU-PUY experience in the mechanical sector and, at the same time, unique and innovative elements - fruits of our incessant work in research and development in pursuit of continuous improvement.
The vacuum unit can be equipped with two different turbines, 7,5 or 12,5 kW which allow collection of large quantities of chips in a very short time span. The new design permits easy movement of the unit together with its turbine thanks to its caster wheels or by forklift. Before tipping the bucket vacuum, the turbine can simply be detached thanks to its separate support structure.

CHIPVAC 400 in 6 points:

  • Discharge valve

  • Manual filter shaker for filter maximal efficiency

  • Electrical panel for full machine control

  • Accessories holder

  • Polyester star filter

  • Easy and clean “soft” discharge tilting system for metal chips

OILVAC 100 -  Compact vacuum cleaner for oil and chips


OILVAC 100, an innovative solution for the extraction and separation of mixed oils with shavings. Compact, powerful and sturdy, this industrial vacuum cleaner has been designed to find its place perfectly into mechanical workshops.

OILVAC 100 repeats the latter's main qualities than W 2: power, compactness and high finishing. Composed entirely of metal in its outer parts, the OILVAC 100 is the ideal partner for mechanical workshops. This industrial vacuum cleaner is capable of suctioning and separating oil from lubricants, in order to allow maximum savings to its user. Why? Once the oil is filtered, it can be recycled into the production process. This filtration therefore allows savings in disposal of oils and raw material. Furthermore, its high suction capacity makes it possible to limit machine downtimes and maintain high-level production efficiency.
The OILVAC 100 is equipped with a removable sieve basket for the retention of metal shavings and an exhaust valve for the oil. With a total capacity of 31 gallons, the OILVAC100 will find its place in the mechanical and automotive working environments.

OILVAC 100 in 5 points: 

  • 300 micron PPL  for a high filtration capacity

  • Electronic floating device to automatically stop the vacuum when the container is full

  • Simple and fast discharge of oils and emulsions thanks to a discharge valve or an independent electric pump with 26 gal / min discharge capacity

  • Grilled basket for easy disposal of vacuumed shavings

  • Compact size: only 26" x 23" x 48"!

OILVAC 130 -  Vacuum cleaner for oil recovery and chips


The suction is provided by three single-phase motors, of the by-pass type. These motors are protected inside a solid steel motor head, containing a soundproofing material that minimises noise during operation. The control panel on the motor head includes three independent switches, a clogged filter indicator with warning light, which warns when the maximum level is reached. Two handles on the motor head allow it to be lifted easily for filter inspection. Easy emptying of the swarf basket via a container release system.

Filter unit

Inside the filter chamber of the vacuum cleaner is a class M star filter with hydro-oleophobic properties and a filtering surface area of 14,000 cm2 .
PPL 300 µ filter for the filtration of fine metal dust.

Collection unit

The suctioned material is separated instantaneously: metal chips are collected in an easily removable grating basket, which allows rapid disposal of its contents. Finer swarf is retained by a second basket with a 300 micron PPL filter that cleans the oil/emulsion of any impurities (standard on the Oilvac 130P version). The oil passes through the basket and falls naturally, perfectly filtered, into the container. The oil extractor is equipped as standard with a manual drain valve that acts as a level indicator. In the Pump version, there is an independent 26gal/min discharge pump that allows simultaneous suction and discharge.

The collection unit incorporates an electronic float switch that stops suction when the maximum level of the container has been reached.

The vacuum cleaner is mounted on a sturdy powder coated steel frame, equipped with non-marking swivel wheels with parking brake.

OILVAC 130 - OILVAC 130 PUMP in 5 points:

  • 300 micron PPL filter as standard (Oilvac 130P), for high filtration capacity

  • Electronic float to automatically stop suction when the container is full

  • Quick and easy discharge of oils and emulsions via a discharge valve or via an independent electric pump with 100 l/min discharge capacity

  • Sieved grid for easy disposal of suctioned chips

  • Compact dimensions: only 28" x 25" x 57" !

OILVAC 200M -  Industrial vacuum cleaner for oil and chips


A powerful bucket vacuum system consistent with Du-Puy’s historic manufacturing tradition.
Refurbished in function and design by our designers, it is equipped with 3 independent turbines or, in the three phase version, with a side channel blower. Suitable for maintenance and cleaning of medium and large sized machine tools thanks to its large liquid and solids containment capacity.

OILVAC 200 in 8 points:

  • Only one machine to vacuum and reuse or dispose of the oil separated from metal chips

  • 3 Powerful Single Phase Motors

  • Industrial Vacuum Cleaner made of 100% painted steel, 4 mm thick.

  • Chassis designed for transportation and discharge with forklift

  • A floating device stops the suction whenever the liquid in the container reaches the maximum level and prevents overflowing of liquids.

  • Stainless steel sieve grid basket

  • Oil proof wheels and braking castors

  • The swiveling suction inlet helps the operator to move the hose easily and quickly.

OILVAC 300 -  Vacuum System for maintenance of machine tool

oilvac 300.PNG

The latest addition to the Oil & Chips range, combining elements of the 200 and 450 versions in a unique and innovative machine.
This three-phase industrial vacuum cleaner for oil and chips comes from the structure of the suction bucket.
It features a 17 gal metal chip hopper and a large 80 gal tank, making the vacuum cleaner suitable for cleaning and maintenance of medium and large CNC machines or several machines without the need to empty the storage tank each time.
The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 5.4 HP turbine and a second stage of fine separation with regenerable or disposable filter elements with different filtration efficiencies.

Industrial vacuum cleaner OILVAC 300 in 9 points:

  • A single vacuum cleaner for separating, reusing or disposing of oil mixed with metal swarf

  • Vacuum cleaner with three-phase side channel turbine: 5.5 HP

  • Chassis prepared for lifting with forklift truck

  • Electric float for stopping liquids when container is full

  • 17 gal capacity grid basket for solids

  • 96 gal capacity container for oils 

  • Wheels and specific oil-resistant seals

  • Rotating suction nozzle to facilitate the use of the suction hose

OILVAC 500 -  Sump cleaner for sludge and muds


4-in-1 industrial vacuum cleaner designed for complete cleaning of CNC machines.   
A powerful side channel blower, 132 gal liquid capacity and 20 gal solids capacity with forklift intake attachment.

Four operations for complete and easy maintenance of your machine tools: 

  • Vacuum up to 132 gallons of coolant and oils mixed with swarf, dust and sludge.

  • Solids and swarf are separated in an integrated container, liquids are purified by means of a non-woven filtering cloth.

  • Possibility of cleaning the emptied tank with an adjustable high-pressure lance.

  • Independent 52gal/min pump for re-inserting the emulsifier into the tank.

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