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*SoS has over 12 years of knowledge in the design, installation, and maintenance for sand/dust test facilities.

Sand and Dust Testing

Sand and dust environments cause serious damage to the operation of vehicles and turbine engines in the form of abrasion and melted silica glaze coatings on turbine parts. Further information may be found in NASA TM 2008-215161 and USAAVLABS Tech Report 70-36.

MIL-STD Sand and Dust Rig

For some large items an outdoor testing rig offers a more cost effective way to conduct tests.


The Mobile Test Rig (MTR) series gives the customer more flexibility for their testing needs.  Our Turnkey installations of modular designs can be utilized for multiple types of testing procedures.  The MIL-STD Blowing Sand and Dust Rig satisfies all requirements in the MIL-STD 810H, Method 510.7. 


System of Systems automated design provides the operator with exceptional control. Our ability to accurately control and prove the Sand or Dust concentration at the test item is a key component to this test procedure. Additionally, the ability to prove distribution of the sand or dust  at the test item location sets us apart. As with all of our chamber designs we take extra care to design industrial grade processes and give you the ability to customize those processes to meet your customer's unique test requirements.   

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