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DU-PUY Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Range

DU-PUY industrial vacuum cleaners can satisfy all of your needs related to the production site, since they have been engineered "on the field", along with the users of every industrial sector and with the specific requests and needs identified by maintenance managers.

- Industrial vacuum cleaners to improve the safety of your working environment
- Vacuum cleaners to save time and money in maintenance
- Vacuum cleaners specialised in the cleaning of machine tools in mechanical workshops
- Industrial vacuum cleaners tailored to customer requirements

DU-PUY industrial vacuum cleaners can vacuum any type of material or production waste, whether liquid, solid or powder. DU-PUY range of vacuum cleaners is suitable for specific cleaning and maintenance needs: lubricants, metal shavings, plastic or textile waste, fine powder, sand, flour, explosive material, etc.

A production line can only be efficient by minimizing machine downtimes and by assigning a suitable number of operators to maintenance tasks such as machines and tools’ cleaning. In addition to standard ranges, DU-PUY can offer customized vacuum solutions, since we catch every particularity or need while visiting production plants. Thanks to several types of filtration and certifications, such as the ATEX one, DU-PUY’s vacuums are always safe and reliable, even in areas at risk of explosion.

Single-Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaners.
Oil Industrial Vacuum Cleaners.PNG
Three-Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaners.P
Silos Vacuum Cleaners.PNG
Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaners.PN

We are proud to represent DU-PUY vacuum systems.  Contact us to discuss your application.

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