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Licensed under one or both of U.S. Patents 8,733,186 and 9,677,991

SoS. Inc. is a leader in turnkey Blowing Sand & Dust Chambers. Our test chambers meet and exceed all requirements in the MIL-STD 810D,E,F,G,H Procedure I & II.  Each chamber can be designed as either a standalone sand or dust system with the option to add the other capability in the future.  All systems are designed around the largest test item size. Our custom built systems range in size. As a turnkey manufacturer we design custom systems that are capable of testing small items to large military tanks and aircrafts.

Sand and dust environments cause serious damage to the operation of vehicles and turbine engines in the form of abrasion and melted silica glaze coatings on turbine parts. Further information may be found in NASA TM 2008-215161 and USAAVLABS Tech Report 70-36.

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